Two editions are available: the professional edition, and the standard edition. Each edition has its own package.
The downloaded zip file contains the installation package. Open it, run 'setup.exe' and follow the instructions on screen to complete the installation.

You can try Numerit or Numerit Pro - free of charge (with some limitations).

If you already installed Numerit 1.7 and you want to download an update go to Updates.

Click here to download Numerit Pro 1.7 (revision 1.7.111 - 2.60 MB)

Click here to download Numerit 1.7 (revision 1.7.111 - 2.58 MB)

Click here to download Numerit User's Manual.pdf

You need the Adobe Reader to view and print the User's Manual which is included in the package as a PDF file (Numerit User's Manual.pdf). If you don't already have the Adobe Reader you can get if for free from

Adobe Reader Download Page

NumRun is Numerit's Executor. It provides an environment that allows execution of compiled Numerit programs outside the Numerit environment. NumRun is free.
The downloaded file '' contains the installation package for NumRun. Save it in any directory, unzip it, and run 'setup.exe' to start the installation.

Click here to download NumRun 1.7 (revision 1.7.111 - 1.06 MB)