Numerit Numerit is a high-level intuitive programming environment for developing numerical computation programs. If you are a scientist, an engineer, or a student, Numerit is the right tool for you. It includes all the necessary tools for writing, running, and debugging programs and for producing publication quality reports.
Editor/Document In Numerit you write a program in the Editor pane using the built-in program editor, and edit the program's output in the Document pane using the built-in scientific document editor. The objects in the document (graphs, tables, etc.) are directly linked to the variables in the program. The document can be exported to RTF.
Language Numerit's high-level programming language is easy-to-learn, powerful, and versatile. It supports multidimensional arrays, complex numbers, and user-defined functions. It has many built-in functions for
data analysis. It allows easy access to functions in dynamic-link libraries (DLL).
See: A Numerit interface to GSL (the GNU Scientific Library).
Debugging Numerit's built-in debugging tools will take you safely through the process of program development. You can pause the program during the run, or execute it line by line. You can inspect variables while the program is running with a simple mouse click.

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Current version: 1.7 (revision 1.7.111)

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