The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library that provides a wide range of mathematical routines and includes over 1000 functions in total. It is free under the GNU General Public License.

Numerit's built-in dynamic-link library (DLL) interface provides the easiest way to use GSL. Although GSL was written in C, you don't have to be a C programmer in order to use it. All you need is a copy of the GSL DLL (see below how you can easily get one) and a simple declaration in your Numerit program for each GSL function you want to call. This declaration informs Numerit about the function's name and the number and types of its parameters and return value.

To make life even easier and help you use the GNU Scientific Library in the high-level Numerit programming environment right away, we have prepared a special interface package.
The Numerit-GSL Interface Package How to get the Interface Package
How to get the GSL DLL The Numerit-GSL Interface Demo

The Numerit-GSL Interface Package includes: Important Note: This package includes the Numerit interface to GSL. It does not include the GSL source code nor a compiled version of it. The GSL source code can be downloaded for free under the GNU General Public License from or from The compiled version of GSL (the DLL) can be downloaded for free from (see details below: "How to get the GSL DLL").

The Numerit-GSL Interface Package costs $30. It can be ordered by clicking the link below. After you complete your order you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the package.

Important Notes (read before you order): The best way to get the GSL DLL is to download the free GSL package from The DLL is found in the Binaries component and the manual in the Documentation component. These components come as zip files so you need to open the zip files and extract the files that you need. From the Binaries file ( you need to extract two DLLs: libgsl.dll and libgslcblas.dll. From the Documentation file ( you should extract the Reference Manual either as a PDF file (gsl-ref.pdf), or as a Help file (gsl-ref.chm or gsl-ref.hlp), or as a HTML file (gsl-ref.html).

You can download the Numerit-GSL-Demo package that includes compiled versions of some of the example programs that come with the Numerit-GSL Interface Package (the source code of these programs comes with the full package). The programs in the demo package are in ".nex" format (Numerit executable) and require NumRun - the free "Numerit Executor". Running these programs with NumRun will show you the output of the example programs (should match the results of the examples that are presented in the GSL Reference Manual). You will also need the GSL DLL.

To install and run the demo you should do the following:
  1. Download and install NumRun (1.06 MB).
  2. Download the GSL Binaries file. Extract the two DLL files - libgsl.dll and libgslcblas.dll to any directory of your choice. You can also download the GSL Documentation file that contains the GSL Reference Manual.
  3. Download and extract its content (.nex files and DLLs) to the same directory as the GSL DLLs.
  4. Launch NumRun, then open any Numerit program (.nex) and click the Run button (or press F9).